Search Engine Optimisation

I have worked for over 7 years with the Webspam team at Google to prevent spam from appearing in its search results and I was privileged enough to get exposure to the different techniques that people use to try and get on top of searches; therefore, I understand what exactly violates Google Search quality guidelines.

This was the greatest of schools to learn what matters in Search Engine Optimization, how search engines work and how people use them. Creating content which is suitable to the web is key to websites’ performances, because it is important to be visible in search engines but it’s also crucial to understand where to be seen and by whom.

From the beginning of 2013, I am a Senior SEO specialist at, a company owned by Expedia Inc. and one of the global leaders to help people finding accommodation online. This is a website with thousands of pages, in 10 languages, which poses many challenges to those who want to optimize it to make it performing better in organic search results.

I possess the experience which allows me to help you improving the success of your pages on Google and other search engines by suggesting how to design them or modify existing ones.

Search Engine Marketing

With over 400 billion queries and 30 billion ads being shown every day, Google is also a great platform to advertise your products and position them on web pages which are relevant to you or on top of search queries your customers are performing.

Being a Google Adwords certified professional, I can manage your advertising campaigns and help you exploit all the potential of search engine and display marketing. I have acquired international experience in dealing with both Search and Display campaigns and I know how to optimize costs and maximize visibility, test different pages and copies and read Analytics and User Interaction data to understand if advertising is reaching its goals.

I can guide you to make your brand and products known and lead you to increase sales and conversions.

Web Analytics

Understanding web analytics allows any publisher to know whether their online strategy is appropriate to their objectives and if they are effectively reaching their audience: what are the most visited pages on their websites, which ones are those where people leave it, etc.

Web Analytics suites contain lots of data, which can be very useful if well interpreted.

I am a Google Analytics certified professional and if you are just curious to know from which city in the world are most of your users coming from, or which page in your conversion funnel prevents visitors from buying your products, please get in touch with me and I can help you interpreting your web Analytics data.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Pinterest are popular ways to extend your reach. Social Media allow advertisers to target exactly the type of people they want to talk to, because they provide innovative ways to expose products to their ideal customers.

It’s not so important to be on Social Media and have an account on all of them, as much as it is to utilize them as tools for your needs and defined scopes. There are more than 1 billion people actively using social media every day and in order to reach out to them one needs to know the audience, the medium and the tools needed to expose your message in the right way.

I can help you defining your Social Media strategy and answering questions such as “What and how to post?” or “At what time should I send my post?”.